How To Create A 2019 Calendar

The New Year approaches and you need a calendar. No, not the one on your phone, something on paper, personalized with your art work – maybe even something you can gift to your collectors and fans? We’ve got instructions for creating a Strathmore Calendar Kit using 11″ x 8.5″ paper and your original photos and/or art.

Let’s design this thing! First up: Download the 2019 Calendar template in Word, or the 2019 Calendar PDF template.

  • Choose 14 images that you will use for creating your calendar. One of them will be the cover. Choose wisely.
  • After you have decided which images you are going to use, you can start adding them to each month.
  • Using the Template, click on the page that you want the image placed on. Click on the “Insert” menu. Go to “Picture” and click “From File”. Locate and select your image.

Don’t stress, you can move things around.

  • Once the image you have chosen is inserted onto the correct page, you can move and adjust its size.
  • To move your image, double click on the image and choose “Format Picture” from the menu. Click on the “Layout” tab and select “Behind Text”. You will now be able to move your photo.

Now put some sauce on it.

  • After you have finished placing the picture(s) you can start adding text to your calendar.
  • To add birthdays, important dates, holidays, click on the corresponding day, and begin to type.
  • You will be able to choose font, size, and alignment of your text.

Let’s do some housekeeping and set up your Printer.

  • When you have finished creating your calendar and would like to print, it is important to follow a few steps to ensure that your calendar prints correctly.
  • Connect the printer that you want to use, and make sure it is selected prior to printing.
  • To ensure best results, set printer settings to photo paper, and highest quality.
  • Important: Preview your images to make sure they are placed where you want them. To do this, click “File” then click “Print Preview”. Adjust layout if necessary.

Print a test page on normal printing paper prior to printing on your Strathmore Calendar Kit.

Okay, you did the test pages, now you’re ready to print your calendar pages.

  • Take out all of your normal printing paper. Next load only one page of the Strathmore Calendar Kit in the printer. (See directions below.)
  • Note: we will be printing the image first, then the month.

What kind of printer are you using?

Front load printers

  • When printing the picture side, load paper matte side up (non shiny), with binding holes on the right.
  • When printing the month, load paper glossy side up (shiny side), with binding holes on the left.

Top Load Printers

  • When printing image, load paper glossy side up (shiny), with binding holes on theright.
  • When printing the month, load paper matte side up (non shiny), with binding holes onthe left.

Load and Print one page at a time.

  • Load in your first calendar page. Click the “File” menu, then click “Print”. Select “Pages” option and type “1-2” in the text box.
  • For each page thereafter select “Pages” and type the corresponding numbers in the text box: “3-4”, “5-6”, “7-8” etc.

Follow this printing format for best results:


  • Print image on matte side (non shiny)

Images for corresponding month:

  • Print on glossy side (shiny)

Date of calendar:

  • Print on matte side (non shiny)

Now you can make plans to fill your year with art!