Bullet Journaling 101 with Itoya’s New Oasis Notebook

2019 is almost here, are you ready to get organized and take it on? We recommend starting a bullet journal. Bullet journals are a popular way for people to track to-dos, remember important events and record everyday life – with a touch of creativity and grace. Artist Rachel Solomon uses the ProFolio Oasis Notebook to demonstrate how to start bullet journaling, from creating a basic key to adding a creative layout that incorporates bright colors and hand-lettering.

ProFolio Oasis Notebooks are well-designed, perfect for bullet journals, and on sale for 30% off! The proprietary paper pattern is a combination of grid, line and dots, an optimal pattern for handwriting, drawing perfect straight lines, developing charts and rapid journaling. The ProFolio Oasis Notebook’s spine is machine stitched, and the notebooks are available in three colors and three different sizes – A6 (small, 4.13″ × 5.83″) is $4.89 ($6.99 list), A5 (medium, 8.83″ × 8.27″) is $6.99 ($9.99 list), and B5 (large, 6.93″ × 9.84″) is $8.39 ($11.99 list).

ProFolio Oasis Notebooks