Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Boar!

Start off the Lunar New Year with fresh ideas and the freshest art supplies to express them! Make the Year of the Boar your most creative yet by ringing in the New Year with our Limited Edition Fukubukuro – also known as Lucky Bags!

Fukubukuro (fuku means luck, fukuro – conjugated into bukuro – means bag), or Lucky Bags, are sealed bags containing art supplies sold for a set price. Each Lucky Bag contains a variety of art supplies and other goodies, and the contents of the bag would be significantly more expensive if you were to buy each item separately. But you won’t know what you’re getting until after you’ve purchased the bag!

We will sell a set amount of bags per day. Beware: fukubukuro sales can resemble war zones, with a crush of people scrambling to get lucky (bags). We sell notoriously well-filled fukubukuro – we suggest you come early because when these bags are gone, they’re gone.

All Lucky Bag sales are final, and the items are not returnable. Some bags may contain coupons or gift certificates that will need to be redeemed at the store.

So, who wants to get lucky?