Introducing: Shantell Martin and Krink K-51 Permanent Ink Markers

Shantell Martin (@shantell_martin) is an artist based in NY. Her go-to Krink marker to create fluid, bold lines is the K-51 Permanent Ink Marker. This year Martin was invited to create an immersive, site specific installation in Lincoln Center for the seventh edition of the New York City Ballet’s Art Series. The Art Series was built on the NYCB’s history of collaborating with emerging and established artists and continues to intersect performing and visual arts.

Here’s Martin using the K-51 Permanent Ink Marker in her installation and performance.

NYCB x Shantell Martin. Photo by Roy Rochlin.
NYCB x Shantell Martin.
NYCB x Shantell Martin. Photo by Roy Rochlin.

The K-51‘s Super Black alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque, and works well on almost everything. Excellent for use on paper, cardboard, metal, and painted surfaces. With a 30ml capacity and a 15mm block nib, best results are achieved on smooth surfaces. A great marker for larger drawing, making signs, and calligraphy.

K-51 Close up.
Krink K-51 Permanent Ink Marker


Shantell Martin (@shantell_martin)

New York City Ballet (@nycballet)

Roy Rochlin (@royrochlin)