2019 Torrit Grey. A color that can’t be bought. Now available.

Spring cleaning means something different at Gamblin Artists Colors. Every Spring, Gamblin changes the filters in their Donaldson Torit air filtration system, capturing any pigment that could become airborne when mixing their colors, and make paint using the pigments harvested. When you mix together all the colors in the rainbow (or all the colors on your palette) you get a unique grey every time. Gamblin recycles that pigment into a unique color, Torrit Grey. This year brings us two shades of Torrit Grey, available now. Get a FREE tube of Torrit Grey oil with $25 purchase of Gamblin Artist Grade Oils, on sale for 40% off during PleinAirpril. Come and get your tube and share your Torrit-inspired work using the hashtag #torritgrey on social media.