POSH Glass Palette vs. Plumbers Wrench

We get it, you want to be thrifty as you feed your art materials habit, but we don’t think you should compromise on safety (especially if it’s a gift for Mom), and The Art Sherpa demonstrates here why the POSH tempered glass palettes from New Wave are superior to using plain old glass. (And to help you stay thrifty, the POSH Glass Palettes are 10% off in the store and online!)

Made in Pennsylvania, POSH Glass Palettes are everything the name implies. Available in grey, white, and clear, as well as multiple sizes, 9″ × 12,” 12″ × 16,” and 16″ × 20.”

They use 1/8″ tempered glass for maximum strength and safety, along with custom corner guards for added protection and surface traction. They are super easy to clean: dried acrylic paint peels away, and dried oil paint can be removed with artist solvents or a single edge razor blade in a retractable scraper.

The 9″ × 12″ and 12″ × 16″ products are designed to fit inside the Masterson Art Products Artist Palette Seal (blue lid), Sta-Wet Premier Palette (red lid), and Sta-Wet Painter’s Pal Palette (yellow lid) for storage and transportation.

For use with all paint media as an artist palette, mulling surface, mono printing surface, and craft surface.