Introducing GugimFolio by Hanaduri

Beautiful, hand-painted GugimFolio by Hanaduri comes complete with a notebook insert and takes its name from the process used to make its cover, where paper made from mulberry trees is repeatedly crumpled and flattened. Each GugimFolio is hand made, hand painted, making every one of them truly one-of-a-kind, and hand bound by Korean artisans. Each GugimFolio includes a refillable, fountain-pen friendly notebook with premium quality blank Korean (hanji) paper, and are available in A5, A6, and Travel (4.5″x8.6″) sizes, and in four eye-catching color combinations: Navy Mint, Burgundy Sky, Blue Lemon, and Green Orange. Which combo is your favorite? 

YouTuber ZHC paid us a visit and stayed… a while

We are still closed to in-store shopping (getting closer, though!), but we made an exception for YouTuber ZHC and his gang of artists, who spent 50 hours in the store having fun, doing a little life drawing, and making art. He surprised an artist picking up an order with an impromptu shopping spree, brought in some of his channel’s subscribers for their own Supermarket Sweep-style run through the store, and stuffed cash in the bags of a bunch of pick-up orders. It was great.