DIY Embossing Magic with Excel Blades

Check out this video from Excel Blades where Sam Martin shows you how to emboss vinyl with the Excel Burnisher Set. Not only can you emboss vinyl, but you can also use this stylus on materials like leather, clay, foil, fondant, etc.   Materials Excel Blades K18 Excel Blades Burnisher Set Cutting Mat Bristol Paper  […]

Paper Crafting with Excel Blades

We’re so excited to share a new video made by artist and influencer Maria Marinoni! In the video below, Maria shows you a very simple floral project and paper crafting technique with a few tools. You do have the option to add the colored background however, it is not necessary. Free your imagination and doodle […]

How To: Paper Hearts for Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day (or Valentine’s Day) is coming up! Are you looking for something more than a pre-made card, something that shows you have the sentiment even if you don’t have the cheddar for a pricey gift? Something that can be completed in less than an hour? Read on! Geometric Paper Heart Card (or Wall […]