DIY: Shibori with Indigo Dye

A little different than tie dye, Shibori is a Japanese method of dyeing patterns by twisting, binding, wrapping, folding, and stitching. Indigo dye is used because of its easy-to-create resist patterns on fabric. Jacquard products make it simple to create this ancient natural dye using their Mini Indigo Tie Dye Kit, and it’s ON SALE at 25% OFF this month!

This Mini Indigo Tie Dye Kit brings the ancient art of indigo dyeing to the home dyer in a user-friendly formulation. Indigo dye, which comes from a plant, is one of the oldest dyes used for coloring fabrics and the one still used today to color blue jeans. This natural dye process has long been used in many cultures around the world. This kit includes pre-reduced Indigo dye, reducing agent, gloves, two sizes of rubber bands, two wood blocks, quick start instructions and an instruction booklet with dye patterns and historical overview of indigo. Dyes up to 15 shirts or 15 yards (5 lbs.) of fabric. 

Happy National Tie-Dye Day!

Yes, they do have a day for everything now. But this isn’t some craven marketing gimmick (no, really). National Tie-Dye Day is a celebration of color, improvisation, individuality, expression and the fabric arts. It’s not just something you wear bc it’s laundry day, and it’s not just for hippies anymore. These days tie-dye is all over the fashion runways and street-style stars are jumping on board that train (which smells like patchouli, btw but it’s ok bc free love). 

Mini Indigo Tie Dye Kit by Jacquard

Throughout the month of May, we’re taking a deep dive into all the artistic things we can do with textiles (like tie-dye!) and putting it on sale. Jacquard Acid Dye, iDye, Procion MX, Indigo, and Basic Dyes are all 25% off. Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow? 25% off. Oh you’re looking for Jacquard Textile Paints? Also 25% off. What about Jacquard Screen Printing Inks? Yep, that too. All ON SALE at 25% OFF. Whether fiber reactive dyes, hot- or cold-water dyes, natural dyes like indigo or cochineal, or easy-to-use dye packets, we carry a wide selection of vibrant and  intense colors and formulas, all on sale at 25% off.

Dye-Na-Flow Colors by Jacquard

So get inspired by the deep indigos of shibori, camouflage, jewel tones, classic groovy or funky spirals and, like they say on Project Runway, “Make it work!”

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