Bullets Through Space
An installation by Helga Fassonaki
April 9 - May 31, 2013

Bullets Through Space

"On Sunday February 24th 2013, EC stepped outside of the planet, taking with her one thing only – a 20GA Remington Shotgun. Once she started to be lifted by the gravity waves, she drew ten circles 100 feet round, each representing a planet. She shot her only bullet through all 10 planets. Through the bullet hole she had made, she sought to find understanding of all the things she didn’t know. But instead she found looking through the bullet hole, that the tenth circle where the Earth should be was empty, obliterated."

Floating between worlds of experimental sound and visual art, Helga Fassonaki's multidisciplinary practice approaches each of these worlds with insights gained from the other. Her practice, including her music-performance projects, Metal Rouge and yek koo, are informed by New York No Wave musicians and their defying of categorization, audience, and convention; the poetic, political and physical chants of Patti Smith; and the raw and damaged sounds of New Zealand’s free noise music of the Le Jazz Non era for stretching the parameters of improvised music. Informed by such artists and their integration of art and music, she has created sound and art installations, group situations, films, and performances that utilize and question temporality, power structures, subcultures, fan cultures, and the human voice as a crucible for positive transformation.

Fassonaki's work has been exhibited at Human Resources Gallery, UCLA's New Wright Gallery, Elysian Park Museum of Art, and LACE galleries (Los Angeles), Blue Oyster Gallery (Dunedin, NZ), Elam School of Fine Art (Auckland, NZ), Cal State Long Beach galleries (CA), and California College of the Arts (San Francisco), among others. She has performed in Open Melody Festival at UC Irvine (CA), Ear&Eye Festival (Auckland, NZ), On Land Festival (San Francisco), Human Resources (LA), Public Fiction (LA), and a multitude of other galleries and venues throughout the country. More recently, she performed her solo project yek koo, in venues in the east coast and midwest. She is also the co-founder of the Emerald Cocoon record label, which focuses on experimental, psychedelic, and avant-garde music.

Helga Fassonaki (now): http://helgafassonaki.net/