Raw Materials Art Supplies hosts and sponsors classes, workshops and other special events in downtown Los Angeles.

Classes and Workshops

We are excited to roll out a new slate of classes and workshops at our new location beginning with an Art Happy Hour on August 16. Check out the calendar of events and register for classes online. Don't miss out on the Oil Painting Master Class with Salomon Huerta or Learn to Paint Like Bob Ross with David Arquette!

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Los Angeles Plein Air Festival

The Los Angeles Plein Air Festival will return to downtown Los Angeles in April 2020. Artists are invited to join us in capturing the beauty of downtown, culminating in a group show and competition.

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John Kilduff, "Farmer & Merchants Bank", Oil on Canvas, 10" x 20"

Weekly Life Drawing

This event is currently on hold until we're moved into our new location. We host a weekly life drawing event. These are drawing workshops with live models holding poses up to 20 minutes, with a different costumed model/theme each week, and limited instruction. The workshops cost $20 to attend, and you can pre-register online.


Friday Night Life Drawing at Grand Central Market